Zatoishwan is a Pandawa of the Age of the Dofus, mostly seen in the comic book DOFUS Monster: Zatoïshwan and in the Dofus MMO, specifically on Pandala island. His story varies slightly in the two media, but they both claim that he became blind when he was struck by lightning and the goddess Pandawa herself revealed to him the secrets of the Pandawushu martial art, taking his sight as payment. Considering himself an envoy of the goddess, he took to protecting the innocent and hunting down criminals all over Pandala.

In Dofus, however, he eventually realized that he would have a more comfortable life if he stole from the weak instead of protecting them and became a bandit himself. As a result, players can complete a quest with a bounty of 337,500 Kamas on his head.

Zatoïshwan Dofus Monster preview

Zatoishwan in DOFUS Monster

In DOFUS Monster, he remains a defender of the weak, but does display aggressive behavior when he consumes excessive amounts of alcohol. This leads to him being banned from Squirming Snapper village after ridding it of the Kitsous that had been terrorizing it, since he has become as much of a nuisance as they were.

Spoiler warning! This section reveals details about DOFUS Monster: Zatoïshwan's plot.
In reality, it is revealed near the end of Dofus Monster that Pandawa never visited Zatoishwan and that his blindess was the result of an accident he had while drunk, and was only temporary and exacerbated by his drunkenness. After he kills several innocents, again as a result of his excessive drinking, Pandawa appears before him for real, chastises him for attacking her followers and claiming to be her servant, and to punish him, deprives him of his sight permanently. He spends the rest of his life alone, trying to drown the memories with alcohol.

Trivia Edit

Zatoishwan is a clear reference to the Japanese character Zatoichi (Wikipedia), a blind swordsman of exceptional skill.