The Wakfu comics feature characters from the Wakfu Era (following Ogrest's Chaos) in paperback and hardcover formats, often detailing their origins in one or a few issues. Several of these characters were featured in the animated series or should have been according to early plans, although some of the comics introduce characters never seen in other media or that are found in the games but did not make it to the series.

All comics are in color and most of them have between 24 and 48 pages, with some ranging closer to 90 or even over 100. Most include various bonuses such as early sketches and extra material. Several of the Remington and Maskemane issues also include an issue of La Gazette d'Amakna (Amakna's Gazette), an in-universe newspaper showcasing interviews with characters relevant to each issue, encyclopedic articles, product advertisements and other columns one would expect in an actual newspaper.

Most of them are only available in French, although some WAKFU comics have been translated to Spanish and English.


For the Remington and Maskemane comics, each spanning 12 issues, Arcs were put together under the WAKFU Heroes collection and present four issues per volume, without La Gazette d'Amakna (which was no longer being included in their respective issues 9-12, possibly because Ankama was preparing the Arcs and knew they would be cut from those releases). As of this writing, their publication has halted as the last two Arcs were released in September 2012. It is not known whether the series will be completed at a later date or were cancelled.

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