Wakfu TCG overview

Game components

Wakfu TCG is a trading card game based on the Krosmoz that actually combines the Dofus and Wakfu eras of the setting. It features a large array of characters and items taken straight from the MMORPGs and other Ankama products, artwork by several artists often associated with the company and flavor text rife with their signature humor and wordplay. The game's development stopped on December 12, 2011 due to a lack of profitability, after seven sets and a total of 1,450 cards.

The game was only released in French, but fans were allowed to create a translated version that is playable on the card game software LackeyCCG. Due to a lack of interest, its plugin was never finalized after the beta version was released on 1d4chan.

All cards and rules can still be found in French and English at

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