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Wakfu is Ankama's second MMORPG, released on February 29, 2012 after several years of beta testing. Set in the Wakfu Era, it borrows several elements from its predecessor Dofus while introducing many important changes to gameplay (as well as using a different engine). Originally released as a subscription-based game with limited features for free players, most servers are now free to play with various in-game purchases offered. The game runs on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and is also available through Steam (Wikipedia).


Wakfu MMO overworld map

Accessible continents and Mount Zinit

Set in the year 969, almost two centuries after Ogrest's Chaos and about twelve years before the Wakfu animated series, the game presents a much different world from Dofus. Broken into large islands, the various kingdoms are scattered across the map on whatever land has not been flooded yet, and the landscape is hardly recognizable. With Ogrest as a looming threat, sitting high atop Mount Zinit, the player first learns the ropes in the dimension Incarnam before reaching Astrub, where they meet clan members (non-playable characters who oversee each area) and begin their training while considering which kingdom to join.


Wakfu MMO Incarnam screenshot

A Sram character newly arrived in Incarnam

The game features very few quests, unlike Dofus, and is mostly centered on dungeons and daily activities or achievements. It is almost devoid of NPCs other than clan members, leaving the economy entirely in the hands of the players. Similarly, players can affect the ecosystem by harvesting and planting resources, including some monsters. Lastly, they can form clans and participate in elections, the elected governors gaining privileges such as taxing, deciding alliances and making certain actions illegal in their jurisdiction.

Wakfu MMO combat screenshot

Combat screen

Characters are similar to Dofus', with the same classes represented but featuring differences in visual design and gameplay characteristics. Each character has access to elemental spells specific to its class that improve with use, as well as non-elemental abilities that can be trained as character levels are earned. Combat is instanced and takes place on a square grid where each player has limited time to perform their actions, offering tactical combat where positioning and effect areas play a crucial role, but also quick thinking since players who act quickly earn bonuses during combat.

In addition to the Action Points and Movement Points used in Dofus (as well as other games that followed), Wakfu adds Wakfu Points to the list of combat resources, which are spent to use more restricted spells and abilities. Wakfu and Stasis are also used as a measure of a character's reputation, influenced by actions such as harvesting versus cultivating, performing actions forbidden in a given area or hunting down outlawed characters.

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