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Ush Galesh is one of the 22 sons of the god Ecaflip and has existed since the Dofus Era. He is not proud of his demigod status, as he deemed his father selfish. He also has a hatred for his two known brothers, Kerub and Atcham to the point to taking opportunities to slay them in battle. He makes appearances in the Wakfu OVAs and Remington comics.

Appearance & Abilities

Ush is a large anthropomorphic cat with a white robe. He has a pink triangle nose and an odd head shape. His tail is long and curves at the end with two spikes, one smaller then the other. His robe has a rope tied around his wait that goes down with two large red beads connected to it. His robe only goes over his left shoulder and down and nowhere further.

However like other Weremoggies, he has the ability to turn into a normal cat, in which he appears as a normal cat like in the others in Wakfu. He can talk in both forms, and also seems to somewhat have control over cats.


He likes to see himself as the good guy, but despite that will not care for getting into unnecessary fights, especially against his brothers. He loves testing people and see's everything as a game, but one he respects the rules of.

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