French name: Les dernières Sentinelles

The Sentry proclaim themselves to be those born out of the World's frustration at not being able to take control of reality itself.

Conscious of the precarious situation the World finds itself in, the Sentry hold Ogrest responsible for the destruction of the old World, which they cherish in their writing and their myths as an idyllic version of the World they live in now.

This is the most militant of all the factions, with a hierarchy of new members, masters, and grand masters... The Sentry often build themselves strongholds or barracks from which to organize campaigns.

They have been established as fierce defenders of the Twelve gods and their mortal followers, and are strictly opposed to Ogrest's influence in any way, shape, or form, and, on occasion, to the Sisters of Dathura too.

They're used to taking a forceful approach and often preemptively attack any supposed cultist gatherings, using violence, perhaps a little too generously at times. They have a large network of reliable informants including well-known followers of the Twelve's religions, public figures, and anonymous tip-offs coming from all corners of the World of Twelve.

— The Final Sentry, Wakfu MMO