French name: Ceux qui marchent

They believe that, even in chaos, the universe maintains its own balance, and that this balance takes the form of that universal concept, Wakfu.

The Aprophetics do not support any of the other factions, and so have become a faction of their own by default.

They preach non-interventionism and reckon that all the other camps are, in part, wrong, or right, or whatever.

However, they do fiercely defend their independence and their freedom of thought. To do so, they form common interest groups, which come together and separate depending on their needs. They can be called to arms when necessary.

One of their main tasks is to search for Wakfu, because they believe it is the ultimate manifestation of the forces present in the universe. The greatest authors on this subject are part of the Aprophetics and it's thanks to them that the wise men have now developed methods to direct individuals' progress along the path of Wakfu, unlocking the Four Gates of the Conscience in the process.

— The Aprophetics, Wakfu MMO