This Terminology page is for all generic creature names, including monsters and animals. Named individuals belong in Terminology:Characters. For missing entries, Dofus's Bestiary is a good reference as you can look up French names and get English results.

French name English Spanish Notes
Abraknyde Treechnid
Arakne Arachnee
Bellaphone Bellaphone
Boo Mushd
Boufette Gobbette
Bouftou Gobball
Bwork Bwork
Chacha Bow Meow
Chafer Chafer
Chienchien Bow Wow
Corailleur Coralator
Corbac Crow
Craqueleur Crackler
Crocodaille Crocodyl
Crustorail Craboral
Dragodinde Dragoturkey
Dragoeuf Dreggon
Firefoux Firefoux
Flaqueux (Flaqueuse) Puddly
Gelée Jelly
Gélikan Gullipop
Gélutin Gemlin
Gobelin Goblin
Grokoko Rokoko
Grouilleux Grambo
Kanigrou Kaniger
Kanniboul Kanniball
Kaskargo Snapper
Koalak Koalak
Koinkoin Quaquack
Kralamour Kralove
Kwak Kwak
Larve Larva
Minos Minos
Moogrr Moogrr
Moskito Moskito
Mulou Boowolf
Noxine Noxin
Phorreur Drheller
Pichon Snapper
Piou Piwi
Polter Polter
Porkass Lousy Pig
Prespic Prespic
Robomate Robomat
Salbatroce Albatrocious
Scarafeuille Scaraleaf
Smare Whirlygig
Soiffard Thirster
Snouffle Snoofle
Taure Taur
Tofoune Tofoone
Tofu Tofu
Trool Trool
Truche Strich
Wabbit Wabbit