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This template allows you to place a navigation box at the bottom of any article to link to other entries in a series of comic books (or manga). Simply specify the series you want displayed using the exact title of the corresponding article as the only paramater. Every possible parameter is listed below with the resulting display.

Please update this template and its documentation when new series (or stand-alones) are released.


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List not found

List not found; see documentation for a list of valid parameters

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{{NavigationComics|Boufbowl (comics)}}



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Dofus comics (all)

{{NavigationComics|Dofus comics}}

DOFUS Heroes

{{NavigationComics|DOFUS Heroes}}

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Dofus manga (all)

{{NavigationComics|Dofus manga}}


{{NavigationComics|DOFUS Manga}}

DOFUS Monster

{{NavigationComics|DOFUS Monster}}

Dofus Pets

{{NavigationComics|Dofus Pets}}

Dofus Quest

{{NavigationComics|Dofus Quest}}

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{{NavigationComics|Kerubim (comics)}}

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Julith & Jahash

{{NavigationComics|Julith & Jahash}}

Les Larmes de Sang

{{NavigationComics|Les Larmes de Sang}}

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{{NavigationComics|Maskemane (comics)}}



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Ogrest manga

{{NavigationComics|Ogrest (manga)}}

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{{NavigationComics|Pandala (comics)}}


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{{NavigationComics|Remington (comics)}}




{{NavigationComics|WAKFU (comics)}}

Wakfu comics (all)

{{NavigationComics|Wakfu comics}}

WAKFU Heroes

{{NavigationComics|WAKFU Heroes}}



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{{NavigationComics|WAKFU Manga}}

Wakfu manga (all)

{{NavigationComics|Wakfu manga}}

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Updating the template

This template uses the #switch parser function to present a different list depending on the parameter received, so an individual template is not needed for every series. To add a new series, you will only need to modify two parts. We suggest keeping things in alphabetical order for clarity.

To add a new series' header, add a new line to the first #switch using the following format and replacing the numbers as indicated below:
|1=[[:Category:2]] → [[3|4]] → [[5|]]
  1. Exact title of the series article, such as DOFUS Manga or Pandala (comics)
  2. Manga or Comics as appropriate
  3. Parent collection: Dofus comics, Dofus manga, Wakfu comics or Wakfu manga as appropriate
  4. Wakfu or Dofus as appropriate
  5. Exact title of the series article
The second #switch contains the lists themselves. Again, add a new line (or case) using either of the following formats:
|Exact title of the series article=
# [[Ordered link 1]]
# [[Ordered link 2]]
|Exact title of the series article=
* [[Unordered link 1]]
* [[Unordered link 2]]
The "master lists" for Wakfu comics and Dofus comics also have separations for series and stand-alone issues. Make sure to add entries in the appropriate section, in addition to giving new series their own boxes.
Note: Ogrest (manga) is not officially part of the Dofus or Wakfu lines. Although it begins in the Age of the Dofus, according to Ankama-Shop it is part of both settings and does not belong to a larger collection.
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