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Tangomango is a short series of comic books set in the Wakfu Era, year 982. It is written and illustrated by Adrián Fernández Delgado and is centered on his characters Black Ink and Elaine Narrowsmith, who were first seen in the second season of the Wakfu cartoon.

The story takes place in the Eaux Tièdes (Mild Waters), an isolated region far from the main continent, where piracy is as old as the islands themselves. Tangomango, as explained in the very first pages, was the name given to the first pirates... But the situation has never been worse for them. In 972, Poupo Mongrovejo became the new governor in Nao la Grande and declared a war against pirates. Aided by powerful artifacts called the Vovodouns, he destroyed ships and islands alike and brought order to the isles, practically eradicating piracy in record time.

It is in that environment that the two protagonists decide to procure an abandoned ship, restore it and become pirates in their own right. Along their ambitious project, the story follows Mongrovejo's attempts to locate the three Vovodoun amulets missing from his collection, and a group of penguin soldiers under his orders who find one of the amulets but decide to keep it for themselves.

Those three groups share a few pages with a narrator who prints the Gazette du pirate for the first time in ten years in volume 2, inciting all pirates in hiding to resume their activity and take part in a great tournament. In the third issue, Elaine and Black Ink are back from their Wakfu season 2 adventures and ready to sign up for the tournament, but find out they aren't as prepared as they thought. The trilogy concludes without resolving the conflict with Poupo and the Vovodouns, and seems set up for a continuation of the story[1].

Volume 1 animated trailer (French)

Volume 1 animated trailer (French)

  1. Adrián on DeviantArt: "For the time beeing, that's gonna be it... I'm afraid it did not go well enough on sells to continue the trilogy :( But I'd love to continue the story some day.. I hope I have the chance!"

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