God Sram

God Sram

Sram is a god of the World of Twelve, as well as the name given to his followers. He and his disciples serve Black Magic and he was among the ten gods who discovered the World of Ten.

His name backwards spells "Mars," a brand of candy bars.

He is also known under the name Eugor, an alias he used to convert Rogues to his worship.

Titles: The Lord of the Shadows; A Spy in the Ointment; The Great Sneak; The Invisible Danger.
Divine attributes and symbols: The Sacrificial Dagger; The Skull (bald, but still smiling).

The god Sram is unshakeable. He never reveals his emotions and always speaks in the same monotone without ever losing his cool. It's a quality he actually passed onto his disciples just like he did with his physical appearance, but the latter tends to be a less desirable trait.

Don't be fooled by appearances when in the presence of the god Sram, because he can make you believe anything about him - as long as it serves his own interests. The fact that people think he's an absolute idiot from the cosmic sticks doesn't bother him at all. In fact, he is calculating, manipulative and merciless. Don't you forget it!

— Dofus (MMO)

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See also Rogue.

The symbol of Sram's disciples is the Shadow.

Icon sram
A good mask is a must-have for all sneaky behavior - and nobody knows that better than the Srams! They can whip a loaded money-pouch out of an adventurer’s pocket in a flash and run rings around enemies that step on their toes. In short, when the Srams come out to play, it’s probably better to stay at home…


Sram's disciples must adhere to the following commandments:

  • Thou shalt respect the art of burial and not spit on any gravestones.
  • Thou shalt move carefully and make no bones about it.
  • Thou shalt not hesitate to make sacrifices.
  • Thou shalt look gloomy at all times.
  • When thou hast no moral, thou shalt find consolation in the shadows and the darkness of the night.
  • Thou shalt make sure thou always sits with thy back to the wall in taverns.
  • Thou shalt act with death in thy soul.
  • Thou shalt always be at each others' throats.
  • Thou shalt not fall into thine own traps.
  • Thou shalt part liberally with the money thou liberally parted from thy victims.

If thou dost not follow these commandments, thou shalt be forced to act in broad daylight and forbidden from scaring little children for a duration of several days as a sign of penitence.

Praise be to Sram, the god with the membranous wings!

— Dofus (MMO)

Srams as described in their temple

Beware of any Srams who seem to be sending sneaky glances your way. Before you know it, you'll be stripped of your cherished belongings, especially the most expensive ones! If you only learn one thing about followers of the skull-headed god, let it be this: they love everything that dangles, especially rounded pouches... They're also always on the lookout for loose tongues, because anyone who might be a source of useful information interests them... Riffling through the tails of a tunic, feeling the bottom of a pocket, exercising their nimble fingers, and finally holding long-desired jewels in their hands are just a few of a Sram's favourite things.

Robbers, pilferers, shoplifters, snatchers, plunderers and cheaters! They are often where we don't want to see them: in bank vaults, dark alleyways and at the end of our pouch strings.

To master their art, Srams submit themselves to a severe training regime that would make mere mortals go white with fear. To be honest, when Srams first find out about it, they go white with fear too, but since they have such a pale complexion, no one notices. The neophyte's aim is to become extremely supple and to control his senses and his Chakras perfectly. Believe me, it can be really useful! Mastering this art will enable him to dislocate a joint so as to voluntarily sneak into very narrow places. Srams are not afraid of tight spaces... as long as there are kamas hidden inside. This set of secret techniques is called the Kama Sutars.

— Dofus (MMO)

Sram's involvement in the world

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