French name: Les Soeurs de Dathura

According to the legend, Dathura was Ogrest's lover and she betrayed him to satisfy her desire for power.

After falling during his rise to power, she now wanders the abyss into which she was thrown, complete with the Great Cosmic Dung Beetle, as a symbol of the power of the Dofus. During this period of exile, her powers have grown considerably and now the followers of her cult, established after Ogrest's rise to the Zenith of Wakfu, believe it is only a matter of time before she returns.

The Sisters are very discreet activists, the truth of whose actions is lost in a tangle of myths and legends, all relating to Dathura's secret plans, the truth about the Twelve, and what really happened with Ogrest.

This mysterious sorority is a radical terrorist cult. The Sisters believe that Dathura is the only being capable of restoring balance to the World and overcoming Ogrest. They are also opposed to the gods, attempting to carry out their enigmatic mistress's wishes through acts of terrorism and 'heavy-handed' actions.

They often attack young recruits' temples to try to convert them to their cause, or steal supplies from other cults or isolated cities. The members of this faction are mostly of the fairer sex (although a few trusted gentlemen have been allowed to join them from time to time).

— The Sisters of Dathura, Wakfu MMO