When a Shushu is bound to an object, it cannot escape until it is released. However, it can attempt to assume control of the body of any creature it comes in contact with. This is done easily with animals or even insects, but an intelligent creature can remain in control as long as its will is strong enough. However, any moment of weakness could lead to the demon taking over, which is why these objects are considered dangerous even for their owners and many are guarded by members of the Order of the Shushu Guardians.

A wielder may also voluntarily yield to the demon, but in most cases the latter will pursue its own agenda and never release its victim unless forcibly removed from the body. Sometimes this union has its own name, and a guardian who has tamed his Shushu may transform willingly and retain control of his actions.

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Once a Shushu gains control of its host, the body undergoes a quick transformation into a mix of the creature's and the demon's appearances. This usually includes augmented strength or agility, a change in size, markings on the skin, etc. A person's voice usually changes to the demon's or something in between the two.

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