Sadida God

Sadida is a god of the World of Twelve, as well as the name given to his followers. He and his disciples serve Black Magic and he was among the ten gods who discovered the World of Ten.

His name backwards spells "Adidas," a brand of apparel, and in particular shoes.

Titles: The Doll Master; Dances on Wind; The Father of the Tree People; The Leafy God.
Divine attributes and symbols: The Shamanic Mask; The Dolls.

People say that "there are two things you can't look at directly: the Sun and Sadida", and that that's why this god always wears a mask, so that gods and mortals alike can converse with him. Sadida is the plant god par excellence. All he wants to do is make things sprout, blossom and bloom. His disciples get their powers from plant life and learn to use them to the fullest. Sadida can be seen from time to time during spring nights when the moon is full, dancing on the ridges, followed by a string of buds and flowers...
— Dofus (MMO)

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See also Masqueraider.

The symbol of Sadida's disciples is the Shoes.

Icon sadida
They may be nicknamed “The Tree People”, but Sadidas actually venerate all forms of plant-life. When they’re not declaring their unending love to flowers, they can usually be found playing with home-made dolls infused with healing or attacking powers. It’s no wonder they can hold their own when danger calls - survival is in their nature!


Sadida's disciples must adhere to the following commandments:

  • Thou shalt make sure the soles of thy feet do not dry out so they may grow strong and supple.
  • Thou shalt take several naps a day, making sure not to lose thyself in thy dreams.
  • Thou shalt never be too old to play with dolls.
  • Thou shalt organise puppet shows on bank holidays.
  • Thou shalt pick thy friends carefully and weed out thine enemies.
  • Thou shalt dance under the stars until the moon sets.
  • Thou shalt cultivate patience, but must also make sure thou dost not take root.
  • Thou shalt honour thine ancestors if thou willst earn thy place in thy family tree.
  • Thou shalt not be overly curious and shalt respect the privacy of those who do not wish for you to see their secret garden.
  • Thou shalt not smoke the sacred grass in between ritual ceremonies.

If thou dost not follow these commandments, thou shalt be forced to plant a row of cacti with thy bare hands as a sign of penitence.

Praise be to Sadida, the faceless god!

— Dofus (MMO)

Sadidas as described in their temple

The followers of the god Sadida are gathered under the name "Sadida's Shoe", which means, in Sadida language, "Those whose shoes, soled with wind and laced with greenery, can create dew and joy within the god Sadida's heart, from the innermost depths to the edge of the forests, scented with exquisite and musky fragrances". This funny expression always puzzles people. The first thing you need to know about Sadidas is that they're extremely touchy when it comes to the soles of their feet. Some people say they're hard with calluses, while others say that it's the most sensitive part of their body. It might also be to do with the smell. But no one knows for sure except the Sadidas themselves. Of course, if you ask one of the leafy god's temperamental followers yourself, you'll regret it. In the end, it's your choice: live in ignorance, or run the risk of getting a thorny whack in the privates. Not hard to choose, is it?

We often think Sadidas sleep all day long. The truth is, what we believe to be deep sleep is in fact a very intense activity similar to dreaming... Sadidas claim they are "dream-passers". A dreaming Sadida can make a tremendous effort in the ether to harness the energies that will bring his dolls to life. He is also fond of the teachings spread by forest spirits and lesser gods. They advise him where to find the plants he needs to make his ointments and poisons. This vegetative condition enables him to converse with plants and trees. If a Sadida needs to pick up a plant or cut down a tree, he will always ask its permission, as a Sadida is in perfect harmony with Nature. Some reckon they also take special care to do it because they have the power to change into a tree and that there's something not quite right about hitting a peer with an axe.

Some Sadidas set themselves up as protectors of the land. They use their Sylvan Power spell, which enables them to change into a tree, to melt into the background and remain watchful, scanning their surroundings. Ever felt like someone's watching you when you're in a supposedly deserted forest? Now you know why!

— Dofus (MMO)

Sadida's involvement in the world

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