Goddess Sacrier

Goddess Sacrier

Sacrier is a goddess of the World of Twelve, as well as the name given to her followers. She was not among the ten gods who discovered the World of Ten, but she ascended in the year 11.

Her name comes from the words "sacrifice" and "crier" (one who screams).

Titles: The Mother of All Pain; The Iron Maiden; The Scarlet Damsel; The Angel of Compassion.
Divine attributes and symbols: Spilled Blood; The Chalice.
Magic affinity: White Magic.

One of the last to enter the Pantheon of gods, this beautiful, rebellious and opportunist goddess endures suffering with serenity. Paradoxically, though, she can't stand seeing human beings in agony. Most of the time, her fanciful shows of mercy towards the weak and the oppressed are closely followed by vengeful anger towards the strong and oppressive. Her intense beauty and her masterly fighting techniques make her a fervently venerated goddess. She sometimes appears on deserted battlefields to drop a tear of sympathy on the earth where blood and defeated soldiers lie.
— Dofus (MMO)


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The symbol of Sacrier's disciples is the Blood.

Icon sacrier
It’s no use trying to beat a Sacrier into submission - they become more powerful with each attack they receive! Nobody takes the motto ‘no pain, no gain’ more seriously than these warriors. Happy to haunt the front lines, ready to draw first blood, they’re the perfect allies for those long, relentless battles.


Sacrier's disciples must adhere to the following commandments:

  • Thou shalt spill tears of blood for the dead.
  • Thou shalt show that sacrifice begins at home.
  • Thou shalt endure one thousand pains to inflict one thousand ills in return.
  • Thou shalt punish the bad guys and tank the tanks.
  • Thou shalt not hesitate to move mountains if thou willst go up in the world.
  • Thou shalt always eat dishes served cold to feed thy spirit for vengeance.
  • Thou shalt not leave the beaten track and thou shalt take the way of the cross during thy travels.
  • Thou shalt soak thy fists in blood before soaking thyself in something stronger.
  • Thou shalt sleep on a nailbed, it's good for thy circulation.
  • Thou shalt wear a thorn crown for big events to look smartyr than everyone else.

If thou dost not follow these commandments, thou must avoid any sure hits as a sign of penitence.

Praise be to Sacrier, the goddess with her hands tied!

— Dofus (MMO)

Sacriers as described in their temple

Sacriers are always on the lookout for other adventurers to fight with, even though their physical appearance doesn't always help - they're not exactly ugly... especially the girls... but they're not the best-looking class either, especially if you always trust first impressions. Meeting a Sacrier in the moonlight is an especially nerve-racking experience: his proud, muscular, sinewy silhouette, his forearms covered in a thick layer of blood, his glassy eyes gazing into yours... in short, you'd be better off on his side than against him! Fortunately for them, Sacriers have a great sense of humour. Grinning from ear to ear, a Sacri will never tire of asking you to hit him ("Go on! As hard as you can!") and is one of the rare examples of adventurers who will play the "Stop hitting yourself!" game all alone. In company, he'll delight everyone with his jokes about massacre and bloodshed, and his favourite party trick is juggling his enemies' organs. In short, he's a great guy to have around, and the perfect warrior companion!

Curious by nature, Sacriers are fascinated by anatomy. Spiteful gossips say it's actually an obsession, hence their reputation as weirdos (as admiring swollen muscles or the working of joints is pretty odd...). Sacriers are renowned for being caught poking and prodding at things and generally putting their fingers everywhere, to the delight of some men and the terror of more women. Though their habits might seem confusing, they're very useful for the magic they practise!
They are naturally good butchers, since they have a passion for chopping meat, and gutting carcasses with their bare hands. If they embrace their spiritual path, they can become very clever soothsayers. As they do not fear blows or injuries, they are great on the front line and are very much appreciated by groups of adventurers.

— Dofus (MMO)

Sacrier's ascension

Sacrier's ascension is described in detail in the Dofus document Gods & Demons. The relevant part follows:

When she first started to rise, a simple observation could be made: the World of Ten was a world of suffering.

A whole range of suffering: pain, devastation, torment, torture and so on (the weird thing being the other gods did not notice it before). Yet, when gods are looking for believers, the idea is simple: to make a name for yourself, you've got to innovate. And the goddess Sacrier understood it!

She chose a Lumberjack apprentice. He was handling his axe so well that it never landed twice in the same spot. His ten fingers were not enough to count his injuries... Every day the goddess would come next to him, teeny and invisible. She waited patiently for him to be very edgy and to scream with pain or anger. This day finally came. While he was holding his head with his bleeding hands to hit it against a trunk, she whispered in his ear:

If before hitting a tree,
He had a faith leading his body
A great share of adrenalin
would be flowing!
In one go, you'd climb the hill
driven by your only will,
You'd become a wonder
as a wood chopper,
And split in two
every log you bump into.

The Lumberjack apprentice followed the piece of advice the voice gave him. His axe fell. His fingers were unhurt, and the log split in half from top to bottom. He then heard the voice inside his head:

Don't count yourself among the sufferers,
Take action and inflict fair penitence,
It's the only way you'd execute at a good cadence!
Sacred are you cries, Sacrier!

As the voice he heard was a female voice, the Lumberjack believed in a goddess called Sacrier. Everyday, he made blows rain down on his fingers, head, arms and his strength increased tenfold. He started to chant prayers of his own creation: 'Joy of receiving, pleasure of giving' or 'to offer one's right cheek, to hit with a straight left'. At this point, the goddess Sacrier knew he was ready to become a prophet...

During the terrible Winter provoked by Solar's death, the Lumberjack went to preach in the countries. Peasants had been suffering so much that they carefully listened to the stranger who promised them to replace their suffering by a new strength. In less than a week, he had spread his prayers round as others would do with germs. Believers soon became a legion. The goddess was added to the Pantheon. From now on, the World of Ten would be called the World of Eleven...

— Gods & Demons (Dofus Wikia)

These events occurred in the year 11, shortly after Djaul killed Solar, then protector of Javian.

Sacrier's involvement in the world

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