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Ruel Stroud is an Enutrof who has held many jobs over the years, the most recent and notable of which are those of bounty hunter and adventurer. An old friend of Alibert, Ruel happens to be by for a visit the same day his friend's adopted son, Yugo, sets off on his journey.


Ruel is an old man with a white beard, bushy white eyebrows, and a small ponytail. He has a mustache too which alongside his beard covers, his mouth entirely. He also only has one to two teeth. He always carries around a shovel that looks much more like an Axe then a shovel, with the top looking like gold. He Has pockets carrying Kama's and and a beige shirt with overalls and dark brown pants

In Season 3, Episode 4, as a Tofu, He was a pure white tofu with bags under his eyes and his eyebrows coming close enough together to resemble a unibrow. He had a small bald spot and small orange feet.

As a teenager, he has a smaller bushy beard in a ponytail, and hair covering his left eye. His pupils were larger, And he wore a big sweater.

As a child, He had no beard, a tiny ponytail, a few more teeth then he has currently, and a beige shirt similar to what he has now. Younger him had a dark brown vest over his shirt and was pretty smiley.


Ruel is very good at a lot of things and described by Grougaloragran as the strongest on their team in season 1 of the animated series. Despite what you would think would make him noble, Ruel is very selfish. He will often fight though alongside his friends and is very nice to them and others, but he had left his wife over the fact she has chose him over money ,and he had not felt the same way. He really likes Kamas, and that can distract him from a life-threatening fight.

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