When the World of Ten was found and Xelor created the world's Clock, he divided the years into 11 months and 4 seasons. Angry that the gods were leaving him out, Rushu scratched the Clock with his great claws and demanded that a twelfth month be added, so he would get his share of time. The gods agreed and let him introduce black larvae into the Clock to slow Xelor's butterflies when the month of Descendre came around, making them the longest days of the year.

Xelor was named Warden of Time, and appointed a Protector to oversee each month of the year. Rushu, of course, insisted that only a Demon could guard his month and named Djaul as its Protector, making him the only Demon allowed in the World of Twelve. Those Protectors were tasked with making sure that no month lasted longer than it should, as well as overseeing the passing of seasons and the changes they brought along. They were granted immortality and powers related to their task, and most of them still watch over their respective month to this day.

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