Poupo Mongrovejo is the governor of Nao la Grande, ruling over the Eaux Tièdes since the year 972. He despises piracy, seeking to establish the Eaux Tièdes as a respectable place to live in, free of crime and disorder. In Les premiers pirates, however, he expresses his desire to leave the Eaux Tièdes forever to his advisor Grigris, as soon as he completes his collection of six Vovodouns.

The Vovodouns are the governor's secret weapon and his obsession. Controlled by ancient amulets, each is a powerful creature that controls a sophisticated ship. Using these living weapons, Mongrovejo is able to burn down or destroy entire islands effortlessly, which allowed him to eliminate almost all pirates from the region as soon as he came into power. On the other hand, Poupo's obsession with civilization, order and cleanliness comes with a dislike of the dark arts, and he is reluctant to use the Vovodouns. His actions in the comics seem to indicate that he is calling on them for the first time in ten years, desperate to finally find the missing amulets after too many failed attempts.

His true objective has been left vague in the comics so far, giving no clue concerning his intended destination once his army is assembled. It is however apparent that despite his efforts to cleanse Nao la Grande, he has little concern for its fate in the grand scheme of things.

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