Pandala is an island east of the Amaknian continent during the Age of the Dofus. Discovered by mainland inhabitants in 636, a bridge is built between the two, which will lead to the goddess Pandawa's popularity increase and cement her place in Ingloriom.

Geography Edit

Pandala map

In-game map of Pandala

The island is divided in four parts, for each element: Aerdala, Aquadala, Feudala, and Terrdala. It also has a central neutral zone, which also extends to Grobe Island in the north and the Squirming Snapper village to the east.

Squirming Snapper Edit

The Squirming Snapper village used to be a small town of Pandawa cultivators, but it was frequently ransacked by a group of Kitsous. After Zatoishwan became involved, things took a turn for the worse and it now lies in ruins at the time of the Dofus MMO.

Inhabitants and notable individuals Edit

The island is mainly inhabited by Pandawas, but also by several humanoid creatures of the Firefoux and Kitsou families. Most have an oriental theme and a Japanese-inspired name, influence that is also found in the island's themes in general (prominence of bamboo, panda people, elements inspired by Asian mythos, etc.).

Daggero Edit

Hailing from Squirming Snapper village, Daggero is a dungeon boss in Dofus and Zatoishwan's protégé in DOFUS Monster: Zatoïshwan.

Pandhravan Edit

The protagonist of the Pandala series, Pandhravan, is a Pandawa from the island. His friend Leopardo, a Firefoux, was also born there.

Zatoishwan Edit

Zatoishwan is a blind Pandawushu master, featured in DOFUS Monster: Zatoïshwan. Legend says he received the gift from Pandawa herself, but she took his sight in return.