French name: Les Disciples d'Otomaï

Refusing to believe any sort of external justification for the imbalance in the universe, Otomai's Disciples are convinced that the problems currently shaking the primary forces can be explained logically.

The conjunction of etheric currents, the extravagant use of magical energies: all sorts of inconsiderate actions of the people and creatures of the World of Twelve have upset the delicate balance of the energies that rule the universe.

The Disciples are composed rationalists who look down on the other factions and all their superstitious nonsense - a poor ogre sitting on a stone and a few eggs to blame for the floods? Honestly.

They meet in secret and are divided on what they believe the reasons behind the disaster are, inventing all sorts of strange contraptions and incubating magical creatures in their laboratories, far from the hubbub of the World's cities.

The establishment of an Age of Reason among men is not, however, their only preoccupation. This is not a harmful society and some disciples are even excellent examples of goodwill, humility, and intelligence. However, their belief in scientomagicology and reason sometimes prevents them from seeing eye to eye with other factions' more visionary principles.

— Otomai's Disciples, Wakfu MMO