God Osamodas

God Osamodas

Osamodas is a god of the World of Twelve, as well as the name given to his followers. He and his disciples serve Black Magic and he was among the ten gods who discovered the World of Ten.

His name backwards spells "Sadomaso," a shorthand for "sadomasochist."

He is also known under the name Oktapodas, his aquatic aspect venerated by Foggernauts.

Titles: The Chief Conspirator; The Master of Beasts; The Celestial Tamer; The Worm Charmer.
Divine attributes and symbols: Pointed Horns and a Forked Tail; The Draconic Trinity.

Silent and solitary, Osamodas prefers the company of creatures to that of people, and he passes this liking for monsters onto his disciples. He can summon any creature in the Universe as he knows them all and speaks their languages. He used to be an aggressive god who got carried away easily, and he has quite an eventful past as a conqueror of universes. Legend says that his long coat is made from skins cut off his enemies. Even if you don't believe that, he's a scary guy with an imposing reputation!
— Dofus (MMO)

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See also Foggernaut.

The symbol of Osamodas' disciples is the Whip.

Icon osamodas
They’re fearless in the face of stampeding Minotorors, and the screech of Kwaks is music to their ears… Not even the howling of a hundred hungry Boowolves can make an Osamodas tremble! Their innate understanding of other creatures is so intense that a streak of animal magic runs through their veins too… which makes them exciting - if not outright dangerous - to be around!


Osamodas' disciples must adhere to the following commandments:

  • Thou shalt crack thy whip to demand both obediance and pleasure.
  • Thou shalt not skin thine enemies without first having pulled the wool over their eyes.
  • Thou shalt not have too much whine with dinner.
  • Thou shalt constantly breathe thy fetid breathe over your household to ensure their respect.
  • Thou shalt take thy morning coffee with two sugar lumps.
  • Thou shalt not feed thine animals after midnight, because it's not good for their digestion and may have dangerous consequences.
  • Thou shalt walk thy servants thrice a day and shall clean up any mess they leave behind so thy peers do not step in it.
  • Thou shalt blow hot and cold according to the humour of the divine dragons.
  • Thou shalt adopt a vegetarian diet so as not to traumatise thy herd.
  • Thou shalt make regular donations to the Society for the Protection of Summons.

If thou dost not follow these commandments, thou must jump through a hoop forty-two times as a sign of penitence.

Praise be to Osamodas, the horned god of the three dragons!

— Dofus (MMO)

Osamodas as described in their temple

Osamodas are probably the only adventurers who can spend time in the Evil Forest at night without being scared of the ominous cries that echo through the trees. Cawing Crows? Whispering Evil Tofus? Winking eyes? Nope, nothing scares them, because they know everything about all creatures. They can read the hearts of beasts like open books. Any creature endowed with an ounce of common sense will avoid an Osamodas' gaze for fear of surrendering itself to him. After all, who knows what an Osamodas might do with a captured creature...

Osamodas's followers have a power that anyone would love to have: they can summon creatures and use them in fights. It's rumoured that these excellent tamers cut their clothes from the skin of their enemies, but you'll have to ask an Osamodas whether it's true or not... And you'll see for yourself when you end up as a boot or a fur-lined beanie!

Osamodas claim they are distantly related to dragons, and it's true that their tails are quite dragon-like, as are their horns and breath. These attributes all help them to win the trust of animals more easily. Osamodas's worshippers venerate dragons and there are statues of the magical creatures adorning the entrance to their temple. Their god doesn't take offence at this since he likes them too! As a matter of fact, his followers' most powerful summons is a Wyrmling. To their owners' great joy, these young Dragons can crush enemies to pulp any day of the week, except Sunday, when they'll be turned into roasted kebabs, as this is the traditional feasting day.

— Dofus (MMO)

Osamodas' involvement in the world

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