Ogrest is an animated special of the Wakfu online game, available for purchase on Steam.


Discover the story of the childhood of the most famous Ogre of the World of Twelve.

Every story has a beginning... For WAKFU, it all started when the World of Twelve got drowned in the tears of a despaired ogre. Nowadays, Ogrest has a become a terrible legend and the Ultimate quest for the adventurers of WAKFU. But if you knew how it all started...

On a faraway island, Otomai carries out yet another magical experiment... which fails! Well, it's not a complete failure, as it produces Ogrest, a very special baby! Boasting incredible strength and an equally huge appetite, this little ogre will learn very quickly that he is different from other children. Wandering alone one day, he meets Dathura, a Sadida doll, and it’s love at first sight! Unfortunately, his new love falls victim to an evil that plunges her into a deep sleep. Listening only to his heart, Ogrest sets off on a search for an antidote![1]


Yugo is bedridden with a cold, which leads Alibert to bring him food into bed, where he begins reminiscing about old stories. Upon being asked about stories involving battles, Alibert spots a drawing of an ogre on the room's wall, which reminds him of the story of Ogrest. Hugo recalls Ogrest to be a troublemaker, but Alibert pities the creature, claiming to know how his story actually unfolded and begins to tell the tale.




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