French name: Le Culte d'Ogrest

Ogrest, the symbol of the Wakfu Era, never meant to impose himself upon the World.

After hoisting himself to his towering platform to escape mankind, he now looks down, raging inwardly, upon the humans who have named him a god. They have turned Ogrest into a devastating titan, a king amongst gods. All this means nothing to him.

In his name, they have built towers and held ceremonies; the fever burning inside them has grown into a full-blown fire which consumes the victims they offer him, wanting to feed his anger and hasten the arrival of the next disaster.

They're looking for a way to set off another salvatory apocalypse, overthrowing both gods and mortals with one swift movement, convinced that the flood is nothing more than a rehearsal for what is to come.

They make cruel sacrifices to their god, and ask him for the power they need to play out their plans. The whole faction is extremely violent and encourages the proliferation of monstrous creatures and curses.

— Ogrest's Cult, Wakfu MMO