There are 12 months in the World of Twelve, named after the real world's months with slight variations. Each of them is assigned a Protector responsible for its duration and the changing seasons.

Month French English Protector
January Javian Javian Jiva
February Flovor Flovor Silvosse
March Martalo Martello[1] Ulgrude
April Aperirel Aperirel Silouate
May Maisial Maysial Rosal
June Juinssidor Junssidor Sumens
July Joullier Jullier Hecate
August Fraouctor Frauguctor Pouchecot
September Septange Septangel Raval
October Octolliard Octolliard Maimane
November Novamaire Novamaire Brumaire
December Descendre Descendre Djaul
  1. Also often seen as Martalo.