"Once the Rainboway is complete, I'll take all my friends far away from this place. Alas, the boat isn't yet ready to sail, and in the meantime, the hunters are spreading terror. That's why I've appealed to adventurers to teach those idiots a good lesson. I don't like violence, but I couldn't see another solution. I can't turn them all into Tofus; there are too many of them!"

-Mishell, Dofus game.

Mishell, also known as Coqueline in france, is the demigodess daughter of Osamodas. She is an NPC is the Dofus game and in the Wakfu Anime is part of, and youngest of The Siblings.


Mishell has dark faded blue skin and a mask resembling a skull with horns on it and 3 hot pinks lines on it. Mishell has a animal friend named, Cancan by her side almost all the time as well. She has long bushy Black hair with pink stripes in it, and wears a brown sleeveless robe. She has shiny blue eyes which also goes with the fact she's almost completely pink and blue.


Mishell is very silly personality wise and energetic, with pretty fast mood swings although never dangerous. She always believes to be on the right side and if she's on the wrong wouldn't know nor wouldn't be a threat whatsoever. She is very against violence and loves to protect and take care of animals and is enemies with anyone who likes violence.


  • She has the ability to make someone a tofu with a single touch, and undo it with a snap of her fingers. Making it possible she could make it permanent.
  • Breaking character of the wiki im gonna say its really gross but she can make stuff move by picking her nose.
  • Her friend Cancan is able to shapeshift and can assist her by using those abilities.
  • She can stretch her body everywhere into multiple shapes and area's, which is extremely helpful for turning people into Tofu's.

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