Miranda is a businesswoman and merchant of Kelba Market, who traded the map Grufon to the Brotherhood of the Tofu in return for them ridding her town of the Black Crow.[1] She is the wife of Kabrok.


Miranda is an attractive Ecaflip female with broad hips, a small waist and a prominent bust size. Her skin is brown and freckled on her cheeks, while her eyes are colored in a hazel tone. True to her species, she features a pair of animalistic ears on the upper sides of her head, a long tail, as well as a black canine nose. Her attire consists of a red dress with a black skirt and small, white ribbons attached on the hip area, as well as matching red gloves that reach up to her elbows. Although not always visible underneath her skirt, she also wears red heels, which have a paw print printed on their soles. Her hair, which is colored in a coffee brown, grows past her shoulders and is tied into pigtails, one in the back, and two in the front, which are laying over her collarbone.


While generally polite and charming to anyone who could become a potential customer, Miranda has a fondness for earning money and will strive to please buyers. Occassionally, irritation takes the best of her, which she expresses through angry stomping and even kicking down doors. She cares little about posessions if they don't serve the purpose of earning money.


Brotherhood of the Tofu

Miranda saw the brotherhood as potential customers as soon as they stepped into her shop and quickly offered them several goods. Eventually, she agreed to trade the map Grufon to them, if they could rid Kelba Market of the Black Crow, as its presence was scaring away other customers.[1]


Miranda tends to speak to her husband in a rather strict and condescending tone if his involvement could possibly ruin a sale, giving the initial impression that she thinks very little of him. In fact, she does love her husband deeply and cherishes him and his safety, wishing for him to stop adventuring so she could be considered his ultimate adventure. Although initially confused, she patiently listened to Kabrok's explanation as to why he started to terrorize Kelba Market as the Black Crow. Knowing his desire to go out into the world can not be satisfied, she eventually allowed him to continue his adventures, as long as he aims to replenish their shop stocks.[1] The two lead a stable marriage and eventually had a child together.[2]


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