Lou is an Ouginak (by 2017, the class Kilorf is intended to be a playable "Ouginak" character) who appeared in Dofus: Kerub's Bazaar as the love interest of Kerub Crepin and Indie Delagrandaventure.

In many of the stories told to Joris by Kerubim, Lou was implied to be his girlfriend and/or fiance in addition to his love interest. One day, the couple found the Shushu house Luis and stopped his plans of attracting visitors to eat them once they went inside. Lou and Kerub ended up taming Luis and living inside of him together.

Sometime before the start of the Dofus series, Lou packed her bags and left Luis in the care of Kerubim, stating that she could not take either of them where she was going. The reason for this remains unclear, but fan speculation has supported two theories: (1) Kerubim was too flirtatious with other women, and (2) Kerubim somehow lost a ring that magically contained all of Lou's feelings for him. Lou's depart affected both Kerubim and Luis deeply, as Kerubim never really fell in love with anyone else, and for a long time, Luis refused to have another house cleaner (Lou was the only one).

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