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Welcome to Krosmoz Wiki, where fans explore Ankama's Dofus and Wakfu franchises, in the World of Twelve and beyond.

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This wiki is focused on the lore of the Krosmoz universe, throughout all eras. It covers materials from every medium, from games to animated series, from comic books to magazines and manga. It is not about the gameplay elements of Ankama games, for which we recommend their respective official websites and other Wikias such as Dofus Wiki and Wakfu Wiki.

As with all good wikis, this is also a community and everyone's contributions are welcome. You can use Wikia's features to publish your own Krosmoz-related blog or derivative content, and you can discuss anything and everything related to Ankama in the Forum, even if you don't feel like contributing to the articles. For a primer on using Wikia, or links to useful pages for contributors, the Community Portal is your home.

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The wiki is still quite small, with few contributors. If you'd like information about a specific subject, feel free to make a request on the forum to encourage development in that particular direction. For any and all concerns, you can also get in touch with the administrator here.

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