Kerub Crepin is an adventurer-turned-shopkeeper and one of Ecaflip's sons. As a demigod, he has lived numerous centuries and appeared in several media. His most remarkable quality is the exceptional luck that has been bestowed upon him by the god Ecaflip, a luck that has often been the vector of his success and fame.

As a child, he was raised as an orphan in Ecaflip's temple, unaware of his divine heritage. A great part of his early life is exposed in the animated series Dofus: Kerub's Bazaar, where he tells stories of his adventures to his adopted son Joris after having retired in Astrub and opened a store to sell the various treasures he has accumulated.

Kerub would be killed, but reincarnated as a kitten to be raised by Joris as their father-son bond became reversed.


It known that Kerub spent most of his childhood in the Ecaflip temple as a disciple of the god Ecaflip. During his time there he took place in the Quest of two mornings (a test that needs to be completed in two days). He was tasked with retrieving a hog egg but due to his clumsiness he broke it on the last day of the quest. 

Kerub then tried to improvise, by tricking Ecaflip with a copy of the egg made from string. Of course Ecaflip didn't fall for it, but he didn't punish Kerub either. If anything, Kerub became Ecaflip's favorite son for his great courage and mostly for making him laugh.


After a few years with Ecaflip Kerub grow bored and decided he would leave the temple and become an adventurer, but Ecaflip refused (because the god had grown very attached to the little Ecaflip) to let Kerub leave the temple. After he found out that there was no escape, he decided that the only way out was to get banished from the temple. Kerub then started stealing from the God and insulting the Being to his face, all in a bid to humilate him. But when Kerub destroy Ecaflip's favourite ball of wool Ecaflip exploded with rage and nearly ended up killing Kerub, only to find that Kerub didn't really destroy the ball, but hid it in his bag. Ecaflip finally understood that he can't keep Kerub from the world and so he let him go.

Before he left, Ecaflip let Kerub keep the ball of wool and gave him great luck.

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