Julith is the antagonist of the movie Dofus Book I: Julith, a Brakmarian Huppermage who has vowed to destroy the city of Bonta. She has the Ebony Dofus, in contrast to her future husband, Jahash, who has the Ivory Dofus. Events lead her to re-attaining her Dofu almost at the expense of her son, Joris, unknown to her at the time. In addition to magic such as using her cape as a shield and weapon, she is seen wielding a long katana in a fight against Kerub Crepin and Bakara Jurgen.


Julith led a war against Bonta in the hopes of destroying it. The war ended with a kiss between her greatest rival, Jahash, and from that union Joris was born.

Someone (unknown) stole the Ebony Dofus and it is not explained why it went on a rampage. When Julith tried calming it the city guard attacked her, believing her the cause of the chaos. She fell to the ground believed to be dead. Jahash stopped the madness by smashing his own Dofus against the Ebony one and sacrificing himself. In the process Joris attains the soul of the Ebony Dofus and Kerub hides the boy away for ten long years, raising him as his own son.

Julith returns after finding a way of reviving her husband but at the expense of 1000 souls. Souls she readily steals from the citizens that betrayed her. She finds the soul of the Ebony Dofus inside her son and almost kills Him (and succeeds in killing Kerub), before discovering Joris' identity.

Julith constructs a contraption powered by the Ebony Dofus to steal the 1000 souls from the spectators of the local arena. She ignores all pleas for reason, especially from her son and starts the device; killing most of the main cast in the process.

Julith eventually sacrifices herself in the same way as her husband when she realizes her husband, halfway revived, would not want to be revived at the expense of another. Jahash and Julith embrace in ethereal form and float away.


Julith is a huppermage with a long nose and pale skin there is a scare on her eye and deep blue hair  with black eyes and were deep blue lip stick. She has long ears and arms she were mostly red clothing with long red gloves she also posses a clowk.
Dofus Julith & Jahash 1 cover


  • WEAPON CREATION: Julith is shown to have weapon creating or weapon summoning either way she is able to pull weapons from her cloak.
  • FLIGHT: She seems to be able to fly at high speeds and can float.
  • SUMMONING: Julith seems summon not just weapons but other people useing her cloak.
  • ENERGY CONTROL: She seems to have the abilty to shoot energy from her hand and cloak.
  • DOFUS GUARDIAN: Julith is the guardian of the Ebony Dofus which gants her a huge amount of power.  
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