Jiva is the guardian of the month of Javian, replacing the original Protector Solar who was killed by Djaul in the early years of the Age of the Dofus. She is described as loyal to the gods, and Xelor in particular, as well as beautiful and fearsome. Tasked with protecting Javian, she is constantly battling Djaul the demon, whose attempts to prolong the month of Descendre never cease.

Jiva was involved in the creation of Bonta, the City of Light, in response to Djaul's erection of Brakmar. Along with Menalt and Pouchecot, she also protected the city against its enemy's invasion on several occasions. Her involvement with Bonta and her valiance in driving back Djaul every year have earned her great respect from the people of the World of Twelve. As a result, Joris Jürgen is shocked when she appears as an antagonist in WAKFU Manga, demanding the Eliatrope Dofus from Yugo. The second volume reveals that she needs their power to bring Ulgrude back to life.

Ulgrude, Protector of Martello, has long been in love with Jiva, but she never returned his affection. In 132, he rescued Jiva from Djaul after he took the god Xelor's appearance to lure and kidnap her. Even so, when he appears in The Legend of Jiva to drive Djaul out of her realm and save her once again, it is only after he collapses from his wounds that she stops telling him to mind his own business.

Wakfu Manga 1 Jiva's Ire

Wakfu Manga 1: Jiva accepts no opposition

Her attitude in the manga is quite striking, as she shows contempt for everyone who opposes her and does not hesitate to kill or kidnap some of them to force Yugo's hand. It seems a stark contrast from the devotion she has shown to the enemies of Brakmar in the past, and an indication of how seriously she takes Ulgrude's fate (and perhaps Djaul's).

Frigost- Jiva and Harebourg

Jiva assists Harebourg in his experiment

In 550, she was involved in the events of Frigost Island, giving Count Harebourg a Dofus of Ice to power his Water Clock. When Djaul showed up, however, she had to leave the Count and the island to their fate, unable to fight him.