Grufon is a Minor Shushu, contained in a map. He got freed from his prison in the episode Calm Blue Sea from being devoured in map form by a spider. Afterwards, he had got the ability of the spider to create very sticky webs and used it to kidnap the gang. He is the first Minor Shushu to have a guardian, and only got one when Yugo offered to be his Guardian with the option Grufon free's his friends. Once he agree's, they find the pieces, fix the map with stitching it together, and he possesses it again. It is implied the spider that ate him was sent by Nox.


As a magical map, he has the ability to show any location if you ask him nicely to show you. In order to obtain him the brotherhood of Tofu had to defeat the black crow, but once they did get him Grufon wouldn't ever take them to the correct location unless threatened.

Once he is free, his is very mischievous but pretty nice for a Shushu, much like Rubilax. Once he is back in his map prison however, He wouldn't show them anything unless threatened much like before, but no one bothered to ask any other way. Grufon is a prankster and is very jealous of Rubilax and when he gets a Guardian even brags about it in the credits.


As a Shushu, he is a fluffy dark blue monster with cat cheeks, elephant feat, sharp black claws, two cat ears, a fluffy head, and his face as a map, now with two sharp teeth. He is very little only a bit bigger then Rubilax in sword form.


Grufon with various expressions

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