This dragon must have very strong jaws to take off the arm of Dally. Its lean body style makes it look like an eagle. He is a Primordial Dragon and the son of Helioboros, who is one of Osamodas's dragon companions.

He is most known for biting off Dally's arm in OVA episode 3 of the Wakfu animated tv show. He bit off Dally's arm during Dally and Yugo's battle with Ogrest, after he and the rest of the primordial dragons were awakened due to Otomai going into Ogrest's stomach and touching the primordial dofus. After they were awakened they fought alongside Ogrest, probably trying to protect their dofus After he bit off Dally's arm, Dally ended up losing his godly powers and they transferred to Goultard, his son from a previous life.

Gresgaoulian is covered in white feathers with a rather small snout that ends in two whisker-like appendages coming from the tip of it. He also has two short horns protruding from the back of his head and a large bushy tail. He has long arms that end in four-fingered hands with long, sharp claws and large wings that he uses to fly around.

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