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Flopin is the son of Percedal and Evangelyne and a Cra like his mother.


Flopin is a boy with light blond hair, brown eyes, freckles, slightly bushy eyebrows, pointy ears, and fluffy hair all around his head stopping at his neck. He has a small nose and wears a beige long sleeved shirt with a brown top over it.


Flopin is calm and collected and fights with a bow like his mother. He is known as a tattletale to Elely and Percedal though all three are still family who care about each other deeply. Floppin doesn't like to rush into things and makes strategies although he usually doesn't get to because he has to follow Elely even when she makes trouble. He listens to commends and doesn't like getting involved in drama unless he has to.


Flopin was born after the events of Season 2 and is probably 4 to 6 years old.

Season 3 and OVA

The OVA's and season three is where Flopin was introduced. Despite no relation to the Cra but is just related to a follower, he is wanted to replace her, so he is kidnapped while Elely escaped.


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