Ewesson Smisse is perhaps most famous for being the father of Vil Smisse, the man who started the Rogue tradition. Ewesson himself used to be a baker established in Bonta, but had to leave the city when his son's activities attracted too much attention. He eventually joined Vil's clan and embraced a criminal's life.

In Dofus: Kerub's Bazaar (episode 50, Charme fatal), Ewesson shows up as the main antagonist. He is depicted as the leader of a criminal gang composed of Ouginaks and operating in Bonta, looking to resell King Clustus's stolen magic pacifier. Following an investigation by Lou, Kerub and Indie, he is put in jail with the rest of his gang.

In DOFUS Manga 5, Ewesson makes his first ever appearance, but it is short-lived. When he tries to use Dodge's girlfriend Ulette as a hostage, Dodge immediately kills him by throwing one of his swords straight into his forehead.


As the patriarch of the Rogue clan, Ewesson is first in a long tradition of real-life references using the name Smisse (Smith). Indeed, his name is a reference to the famous brand of firearms Smith & Wesson, a concept also found in Remington Smisse's name.

Some signs point at Ewesson being left-handed. In the manga and on his Wakfu TCG card, he is depicted handling a flaming hoop in his left hand. The flavor text on the card also uses the idiom "passer l'arme à gauche," which is a euphemism for "to die" but literally translates to "switching your weapon to your left side." In Charme fatal, when he shakes Indie's hand to seal their deal, they both use their left hand.