God Enutrof

God Enutrof

Enutrof is a god of the World of Twelve, as well as the name given to his followers. He and his disciples serve Black Magic and he was among the ten gods who discovered the World of Ten.

His name backwards spells "Fortune."

Titles: The Lord of the Spoils; The Flamboyant Golden Dragon; The Miser; The Stone Whisperer.
Divine attributes and symbols: Gold; The Bag and the Pick.

A huge, divine dragon, his body is a mixture of molten magma and melted gold, and he can change anything he wants into shiny gold. That's where his disciples' insatiable desire for gold and treasure comes from. Being an avid treasure hunter, he travels all over the vast Universe and its numerous worlds, looking for rare and precious substances. He understands the souls of Dragons well, since he's related to them.
— Dofus (MMO)

Worship Edit

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The symbol of Enutrof's disciples is the Fingers.

Icon enutrof
That healthy golden glow, that warm, balmy scent, those perfect curves… No Enutrof can resist a shiny new kama! Gifted with an unfailing sense of greed, they’ll move earth and sky with their shovels when there’s treasure at stake, which makes them great teammates… if you can look past their bad temper and shocking hygiene.

Commandments Edit

Enutrof's disciples must adhere to the following commandments:

  • Thou shalt always have one more trick up thy sleeve.
  • Thou shalt remember that all that glitters is not gold, but thou shalt take an interest in it anyway.
  • In case of uncertainty, thou shalt explore all the options available in depth before making the right pick.
  • Thou shalt always remain evasive regarding the value of thy wordly possessions. Thou shalt refer to these as "a small nest egg for a rainy day".
  • Thou shalt collect shovel-loads of golden leaves.
  • Thou shalt both speak and eat with thy fingers.
  • If thou art attacked, thou shalt defend thyself with a skinflint attack before hastily retreating.
  • Thou shalt whistle while thou works, so thou dost not feel too down in the dumps.
  • Thou shalt rely on thy fine elderly physique to jump the queue at supermarkets.
  • Thou shalt never refuse an enriching experience, or a free meal.

If thou dost not follow these commandments, thou must make a large donation to a charitable organisation as a sign of penitence.

Praise be to Enutrof, the god with the golden scales!

— Dofus (MMO)

Enutrofs as described in their temple Edit

A long time ago, Enutrofs set up a sign language based only on movements and figures they traced with their fingers. Their reason for creating such a language remains unknown; however, some say that Enutrofs can communicate without any of the creatures wandering about the abyss realising it. Others believe that Enutrofs code their treasures by combining geometrical figures drawn with their fingers. Others prefer to think that it's a ritual way of shielding the nose from the after-effects of the sickening explosions of underground gases (the famous firedamp farts which left many adventurers unconscious). Whatever the truth is, it was this habit that gave the Enutrof religion its name.

Enutrofs are interested in any goods, items and creatures that they can turn into kamas. Besides that, the first thing an Enutrof does when he meets another adventurer is to get the measure of him with a single look. In the eyes of an Enutrof, an adventurer is a rich source of goods, often bedecked in items. Enutrofs also talk a lot: often all sorts of nonsense about this and that, but also about things they're interested in like the rate of Gobball wool in Astrub, or if it's possible to find Treechnid Amber at a good price near Bonta, those sorts of things... If adventurers listen carefully, they may well be able to get their hands on knick-knacks and charms... for a small fee, of course.

— Dofus (MMO)

Enutrof's involvement in the worldEdit

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