The eliocube is a powerful tool that was forged and mainly used by the Eliatrope people. It was created by Qilby, the mad Eliatrope inventor, he made it to start a war between his people. That would force them to leave that home world a explore the universe. (Note to self if you don't know most of this takes on another planet far from the world of twelve)


Millions of years ago the eliatrope people lived in peace with the mechasms (beings who colonized the planet but decided to live on it instead). But Qilby (an eliatrope who grew bored of his world) wanted to leave and explore the universe, but he had a fear of being alone. So he tried to convince the other Eliatropes to leave with him but no one wanted to leave their homes behind especially there home world. But unfortunately Qilby was determined, so in order to get the Eliatropes to jump world.

His first act was to steal the mechasm chief Orgonax's heart (litterally) use it to create the Eliacube. This did not came without price, as Qilby planned the mechasms declared war and the battle began. Eventually the fighting became to much for the eliatropes and (as Qilby planned) they left there world to find a new home on the zinit a space ship made by Qilby. After years of traveling they found a new home which would so be the world for twelve. But as you would think Qilby eventually got bored of this world too.

So trying to do the same thing he do before he actives the eliacube, but Yugo (who is King at this point) discovers what Qilby did. Qilby would then lose both his freedom and the Eliacube. But this would not be the end. After Qilby is stopped it is too late the mechasms have already arrived and the battle start again. In the end Gougal takes the eliacube to another dimension.

After millions of years Grougaloragran would return to the World of Twelve. After sometime of settling he would be attacked. During a big battle for the Eliacube between Oropo and Grougal (in which he is blinded) in a last battle winning an attempt Grougal launches the Eliacube cross the planet into the place where Nox would find it.

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