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Elely is the daughter of Percedal and Evangelyne and a Iop like her father.


Elely is a girl with some muscles and hair very similar to her fathers, except with a head band and her hair more tied back into a spiky up, ponytail. She has pointed ears mostly hidden in her hair and orange eyes and rosy cheeks.


Elely is super hyper and loves fighting, even wishing to solve lots of problems with violence. She is very protective of her family and calls herself a Daddy's Girl at least one time. She thinks her dad is super cool and once finding out he was Iop she was even more excited. She is extremely loyal to her family and shares some of her fathers powers, which excites her a lot.


Elely was born after the events of Season 2 and is probably 3 to 5 years old.

Season 3 and OVA

The OVA's and season three is where Elely was introduced, and she starts off by being seen as a sort of background character before Season 3 where she practically takes the lead from Yugo. The Siblings try to take Elely and her brother, Flopin, in hopes of having them replace the Iop who would also be known as Percedal.


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