Elaine is a young pirate from the Eaux Tièdes region who was first seen near the end of Wakfu Season 2. Her true origins are unknown as she was adopted by Black Ink, a Kralove who has taken care of her for "several years" by the time of the Tangomango comics (year 982).

Elaine's personality is what one would expect from a teenage pirate: a strong sense of independence, a quick temper, little taste for authority and order, and a great love of adventure and treasure. Having spent most of her life alone with Black Ink, however, she is rather impressionable. Despite her foolhardiness, she is quick to lose her bearings when in real danger and is not used to dealing with other people.

Another side effect of her upbringing is that Elaine is convinced she is a Kralove, just like her father. A scene in Tangomango 2 reveals that she considers Black Ink not just as a father, but as her biological father. She even argues that her lack of tentacles is due to her young age, just like he has only 6 out of 8 because he has not fully matured yet. This revelation gives a new sense to one of her lines in Wakfu season 2, episode 19, where she says "Some people took me for a little girl, but I think they've learned the lesson now."

Elaine is a Kralove

Captain, I've a question. If I'm not a Kralove, how can you be my father?

Tangomango does a great job of demonstrating the various aspects of her personality and makes a few characteristics stand out. Early on, she is shown to fantasize about Dakaan, a seemingly famous young pirate who is the subject of pirate stories and the object of a poster she keeps in her cabin. Her intense daydreaming and mood swings even make Black Ink worry about his ability to survive her puberty (as shown in this image).

Despite Black Ink's lessons and dictations, she also displays difficulties with certain words, which her newfound rival Drake Bellamy quickly picks up on. Examples include showing "difference" (deference) to one's captain or Black Ink being "adulterated" (grown up, mature).

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