Out of all the manga projects undertaken by Ankama, the DOFUS Manga series is the most expansive so far, with over 20 volumes dedicated to Goultard and his friend Arty. It is mostly the work of Tot, Ancestral Z and Mojojojo, with frequent contributions by other artists and, occasionally, writers.

Another important part of the manga aspect of Ankama Editions is DOFUS Monster, a series that presents in each installment the origin story of a major villain in the Dofus universe. Despite its name, it is not restricted to actual monsters – for instance, Brumen Tinctorias and Zatoishwan are an Eniripsa and a Pandawa, respectively.

Lastly, a short series named Dofus-Arena presents a story set in the Hormonde, which serves as a background to the game Arena (formerly Dofus Arena).

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