Dofus is a fantasy MMORPG that was initially released in 2004. It represents Ankama's first entry into the Krosmoz universe and debuted in 634, in-universe. Developed with Flash and playable on Windows, Mac and Linux systems, the game has met great success over the years in and out of France and reached several countries and languages, continuing to receive regular updates and new content 10 years later despite the existence of Wakfu (MMO), which could be seen as a competitor. Acting as a pillar in terms of revenue, the game has allowed Ankama to expand into much more than a video game studio and become a publishing company involved in comics, manga, tabletop and card games, animation and more.

The premise of the game is that the six Primordial Dofus have been stolen by various monsters and villains, and adventurers from all horizons (among which the players) are on the hunt. Offering 15 playable classes and an isometric view into a colorful world filled with humor and questing opportunities, the game prominently features a turn-based grid combat system that has been a staple of other Ankama games such as Wakfu, Arena and Krosmaster. Relying heavily on wordplay and visual humor, the game's (and franchise's) comedy may be second only to its distinct art style, sex appeal and innuendo that may be unexpected in such a cartoony game. The two aspects often mix, creating very odd-looking items or suggestive jokes throughout the game, and added to copious pop culture references, show that the studio behind the game has maintained a very light-hearted mindset that has yielded a unique mix of epic storylines and silly adventures.

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