Dathura is the tenth Divine doll of God Sadida and is a demi-goddess. When the world was created the God's wanted a way to balance both magic and nature. So Sadida tasks himself with creating dolls that would seduce the primordial dragons to make dofus.


When the world of twelve was created, the God's wanted to use the dofus to balance everything. But not just any dragon dofus the primordial dragon dofus. But dragons only make dofus when they fall in love (not to be confused with mating). So Sadida tasked himself with creating beings that would seduce the dragons into making dofus, the Divine dolls. Dathura is the tenth doll and is the most beautiful of all the dolls.



After Dathura's creation she went to fulfill her propose to seduce the dragon of water. She was tasked to the dragon Aguabrial and she succeeded in creating a new dofus which would be known as the Turquoise dofus. After the task was completed Dathura returned to the Sadida God's realm.

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