Dame Echo is a daughter of the Eniripsa goddess and her father is a dragon and the second-in-command of The Siblings (though she was originally thought to be the leader). She is first seen in the Wakfu OVAs, where she, along with the other members of The Siblings steal the six Eliatrope Dofus from Joris, Kerub and Atcham in order to prevent them from defeating Ogrest as a battle between combatants both armed with Dofus could have cataclysmic consequences upon the World of Twelve, explaining as much to Adamai before relinquishing the two Dofus she had to him.

She and Adamai seem to share a common belief of sacrificing a few for the good of all over risking the good of all to save any individual or smaller group. An example of this is when she expresed frustration at Harebourg for putting his kingdom before the World in his plans for the Dofus he guarded, and when Adamai fights with Yugo over the Dofus entrusted to him.

Once Ogrest is finally stopped, Lady Echo is seen with Adamai, who had a falling out with Yugo, and has convinced the dragon to join the Siblings.

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