Daggero is a Pandawa from Squirming Snapper village, on Pandala island. He is part of a dungeon in Dofus and a main character in DOFUS Monster: Zatoïshwan.

In the comic, Daggero is saved from a group of thugs by Zatoishwan, who then goes on to help his village. After the tragic events of the comic, he is the sole survivor of the village's destruction and begins to train in the art of Pandawushu.

Trivia Edit

Daggero is a reference to the Japanese character Daigoro (more easily recognizable with his French name), from the story Lone Wolf and Cub (Wikipedia). The child's characteristic haircut has visibly influenced the character design for Daggero, and even the cover of DOFUS Monster appears to be a reference to its Japanese counterpart.

Daigoro movie

Akihiro Tomikawa as Daigoro in Lone Wolf and Cub