Count Jacquemart Harebourg is a Xelor from Frigost Island famous for his involvement with the island's great freeze and the Protectors of the months Jiva and Djaul. Although he initially attempted to fight off Djaul and make Frigost's winters easier to live through, he apppears in the MMOs as a villain who has lost his mind after everything took a turn for the worst.

Most readily-available information concerning Count Harebourg comes from second-hand accounts of events involving him. In the years leading to 551, he worked on the construction of a great Water Clock to shorten the harsh winter of Frigost. To aid him in this project, Jiva gave him an Ice Dofus, in return for his help in battling Djaul. The combined power of the two artifacts proved sufficient to keep the guardian of Descendre at bay, but he wouldn't be beaten so easily.

Unable to defeat Jiva in a direct confrontation, Djaul tricked Ulgrude and locked him away. When he fought Jiva again in 552, their battle lasted four days and he managed to strike Jiva with a cursed weapon. It wasn't enough to put her down, but when he threatened to take out his anger on Ulgrude if she didn't yield, Jiva saw no other choice but to relinquish Frigost to the demon. That was when Frigost was condemned to an eternal winter.

From then on, Harebourg was seen as a traitor by the population. He is the subject of a bounty quest in Dofus, with accusations including "high treason towards the Frigostian populace, mental manipulation of crowds, contempt for the winter authorities, abuse of magic powers, unseasonable defrosting, global warming, troubling the climatic order."

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Count Harebourg as seen in the animated series.

Count Harebourg had been watching the Brotherhood of the Tofu's adventures for a long time and became smitten by Princess Amalia of the Sadida Kingdom. When Ogrest's new wave of tears floods the kingdom, Count Harebourg seizes the opportunity. With two of the six Eliatrope Dofus in his possession, he strikes a deal with King Oakheart that he will hand over the Dofus and save the Sadida kingdom in return for Amalia's hand in marriage.


His French name, Comte Harebourg, sounds exactly the same as "compte à rebours," meaning "countdown."

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