Wakfu MMO Steam poster by Xavier Houssin

Official artwork by Xavier Houssin

Most classes in the World of Twelve are linked to one of the twelve gods. Despite their sometimes vastly different appearances, they are all human, as belief affects their appearance. Furthermore, each class underwent changes from the Age of the Dofus to the Wakfu Era, as depicted by their typical style in the Wakfu and Dofus MMORPGs.

In addition to the "core" twelve classes that share the name of their affiliated god or goddess, other classes have been added in recent years, each with a unique origin story. Although their culture and beliefs differ, many are still tied to one of the same twelve gods: Foggernauts worship Osamodas (except in Wakfu), Masqueraiders worship Sadida, and Rogues worship Sram. There are two more exceptions:

  • Eliotropes (not to be confused with Eliatropes), which worship Yugo even though he is not truly a god;
  • Huppermages, which worship no god in particular and serve the "Krosmic Balance."

As described in the article God, belief can begin at birth when a soul reincarnates but may change until puberty. At that age, no more changes are possible and only exceptional circumstances would allow a complete conversion. Normally, one may only worship one god and have one class (or none, in which case the individual looks like a regular human, with no extraordinary abilities), but Prince Shak Shaka defies this convention by mixing Ecaflip and Xelor traits. According to Dofus community manager Izmar, he is also "not the only person in the Wakfu universe to have powers from two different classes."

Since members of a class share not only beliefs and common personality traits, but also several recognizable physical features, many of them look very close to their stereotypical model. Variations are still entirely possible, however, and more famous or unique characters usually have specific traits that set them apart. This is especially true for characters featured first in printed media, where artistic license sometimes confers drastically different looks to characters of certain classes compared to the models found in the video game or animation assets.

For details about each class, please visit Category:Classes.

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