The Krosmoz is home to a few varieties of gods that could be categorized as follows:

  • There are a multitude of minor gods that oversee very specific aspects of life and go unnoticed, although they have the potential to become major divinities if they receive enough worship.
  • Those that do join a pantheon composed of important gods who grant powers to their followers and can manifest in different forms.
  • Above all else, Eliatrope and the Great Dragon gave life to the universe itself and are the incarnations of Wakfu and Stasis.
  • The first ten gods and ten Demons to appear in the Krosmoz were destined to rule over the rest of their kind. The former oversee the Material Plane together, while the latter were all destroyed by one of their kind: Rushu, now undisputed King of Demons.

For more information on how gods work in this setting, please visit the God article. The links below will take you to their individual profiles.

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