The Brotherhood of the Tofu is a group of adventurers that was created in 981 during Yugo the Eliatrope's search for his origins and the group's quest to stop the Xelor Nox from draining the Sadida Tree of Life of its Wakfu. Its founding was shown in episode 18 of Wakfu (animated series), The Brotherhood of the Tofu.

Brotherhood of the Tofu founding flashback

The founding

Founding members

The group was created by the travelling companions before they had to part ways to work on two fronts: Yugo and his Dragon twin Adamai went looking for Grougaloragran's Dofus, while the rest of the party rushed to the Sadida kingdom to warn the king of Nox's coming and prepare defenses. The original group includes:

Brotherhood of the Tofu from Wakfu season 2 French DVD

Wakfu Season 2 French DVD cover

Major allies

The Brotherhood of the Tofu has made many friends in the course of its adventures, and some of them have travelled at their side and joined in their quests on more than one occasion. Of particular note:

Brotherhood of the Tofu from Wakfu season 2 poster

Wakfu Season 2 poster from the Kickstarter campaign

  • Evangelyne's sister Cleome joined the group for several episodes of the series' second season and remained until the final conflict was resolved.
  • Joris has helped the group on several occasions, first meeting them in the Sadida kingdom shortly before Nox's attack, then participating in the search for the Eliatrope Dofus (WAKFU Manga) and being closely involved in the events of the OVAs The Quest for the Six Eliatrope Dofus.
  • Black Ink and Elaine Narrowsmith rented a ship to the Brotherhood and travelled with them a while, but did not play a major role in their adventures during that time.
  • Similarly, the Knight Justice Jr. provided transportation during most of the WAKFU Manga series.
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