Brakmar as seen in Wakfu season 2, episode 10


Brakmar, the city of darkness and evil, was founded in the year 24, after Rushu and a thousand of his Shushus invaded the World of Twelve and were driven back. The city was erected overnight by Rushu's demon servant Djaul and made in his master's image. Brakmar was built as a bastion of evil and malice meant to spread the evil of Rushu when he himself was driven from the material plane.


Just two years after its creation, the city of Brakmar went to war with the city of Bonta, which was created in response to Brakmar. The Brakmarian army led by Hyrkul the Tendentious marched to attack Bonta and the famed battle of the Crimson Dawn took place. The war ultimately endeded up leaving both cities destroyed and in ruin. But when the goddess Sacrier foresaw the great destruction the war had resulted in, she wept, and one of her tears found itself lodged in Xelor's Clock, which caused an anomaly that in turn restored both cities to their former state.

Since then Brakmar, has warred with Bonta on numerous occasions, though never again managing to destroy it. The city also survived Ogrest's Chaos when much of the world was flooded, and rose from being a city-state to a true nation, still seeking to spread evil throughout the world and warring against Bonta. Brakmar was almost destroyed again in 982, in the Wakfu Era, due to events unwillingly set in motion by the Brotherhood of the Tofu, though the city ultimately survived this as well.