Bonta, the city of light


Also known as the city of light, Bonta was founded by Jiva, Menalt and Pouchecot on Frauguctor 3, 25, shortly after the first Shushu invasion in the year 24 (see Karibd and Silar) and in response to the foundation of Brakmar by Djaul. As the city of light, Bonta stands in contrast to Brakmar, which is the city of darkness and evil, dedicated to Rushu.


In the year 26, Bonta and Brakmar went to war with each other, a war in which the historical battle of the Crimson Dawn took place. The great war finally left both Bonta and Brakmar ravaged and destroyed, but when the goddess Sacrier foresaw the great destruction caused by the war, she wept and one of her tears lodged itself in Xelor's Clock causing an anomaly which resulted in both cities being restored.

Bonta has not only survived its numerous wars against Brakmar, but also several other disasters, amongst them being subjected to a rampaging dragon as well as other monsters. After Ogrest's Chaos, it lived on and rose to the status of nation, still a bastion of good and justice.